You always want to be up to date and can't wait to see our innovations? Then that's exactly what you'll find here: We'll show you our latest trends and models, everything you could wish for and much more. With the bluuwater water filter system, you can enjoy fresh and purified drinking water everywhere and at any time - straight from the tap.






Clean water is a matter of course? Unfortunately not at every holiday destination. But don't worry! With the new bluuwater water filter system, which is integrated as standard in our cuddle ball, we ensure that you can use the water from the tap of your T@B without any worries. No matter what you use it for or where you're heading. Want to know more? Then we'll tell you about the advantages here:

  • The filter cartridge can be easily mounted between the water tank and the piping system
  • No dripping during replacement with the click-and-ready quick coupling system
  • Control of the remaining usage time by a Timestrip indicator
  • Germs, bacteria and minute particles are almost completely (99.99%) removed from the pipe system by the ultrafiltration membrane.
  • Depending on use, replacement is due after approx. 6 months at the latest
  • Up to 8,000 l filter capacity